Thinking about getting some new gear

That pile of nonsense on my desk was no match for my extreme dedication yesterday. Page by page the pile was decimated. Focus can be a true gift. A gift easily squandered. Maybe it got wasted on a pile of mail or maybe that effort will pay dividends. It did open up space on my desk for new and exciting projects.

I spent about 20 minute yesterday watching videos about the Samsung Gear 360 VR camera. I’m not sure getting a Gear 360 and a self-stick are a reasonable path forward. My journey will probably always involve the written word. Sure the NelsCAST was an interesting foray into dissembling the intersection of technology and modernity. The few hundred folks that got to listen to that podcast were no doubt touched by greatness. I’m sure it was a positive note that will pay forward throughout their lives.

Electing to return to a video based medium would probably just involve a series of YouTube driven events. My weblog writing style has never really been as personal as some of the more active YouTube vlog authors. It could be that my life is not as interesting or that my ability to engage in active storytelling is somewhat lacking. That may be a question that never gets answered. It may be a question that echoes throughout the ages. Much like why the fajita burger never really became a huge thing during the heightening of burger recipes that has occurred over the last few years. One thing is for sure. We are watching the advent of VR content creation. Some of the technology is super expensive and some of it reasonably affordable.

A new year a new NelsCAST

2015 may be the year of the Chromebook. It might be the year of the Chrome computer. It will probably be the year of the next high definition television standard – it may be called UHDTV or something to that effect. HP has built a few Microsoft based devices to compete with the Chrome based devices. They are racing down a road that maximizes hardware to value. It is a great example of the free market working. Some of the Chromebooks that Best Buy has looked pretty good. They are reasonably priced.

I’m about to retool a technology news algorithm to support the revival of the NelsCAST.  I’m thinking about building some type of YouTube channel related to a weekly show. At this point, I’m not willing or able to run a daily show. Building out a complete new algorithm should be fun. Now would be the time to take everything from past efforts and build toward an epic future. This could be the year. The algorithm could have outstanding practical applications.

Journeys without manuals

The business world has been changing rapidly. The intersection of technology and modernity was inevitable. Consider for a moment that either no manual exists for your job or your duties are clearly defined. Beyond that dichotomy each new day includes potential opportunities. I have learned that, “A complaint is a gift. A gift is an opportunity. Opportunities open doors. Opening doors is the key to success. Success leads to winning.” The opportunities we need to move forward are everywhere. We are defined in part by how we seize opportunities.

NelsCAST Scheduling Considerations

…a few thoughts about NelsCAST scheduling considerations. Andy from Chicago seems to think the NelsCAST needs to get back on a regular broadcast schedule. Obviously, podcasts require delivery within framework with a stable frequency for the proliferation of the content to gain a heightened rate of dispersion throughout the internet. For the next few weeks, internet broadcast scheduling might be a problem. Employment has significantly altered previous scheduling considerations.

The NelsCAST will always be a weekday project that shuns any kind of weekend involvement. Maybe the future of the NelsCAST will include early morning weekday bandit broadcasts from a remote bunker located somewhere in Colorado Springs, Colorado. In this case, by remote bunker the operationally defined phrase in question more accurately describes an indescript unfinished suburban basement.

However, back to the central premise of this introspective soliloquy… the NelsCAST should probably return to the regularly scheduled Wednesday evening broadcast about Wednesday September 16, 2009. A few rules exist about the NelsCAST. First, the previously established Wednesday programming protocol requires consideration. Second, for financial reasons, the internet broadcast of the NelsCAST needs to occur before zero six hundred Mountain Standard Time and after twenty one hundred Mountain Standard Time to avoid random charges from the cellular phone company. Third, the NelsCAST should occur after the sunset and before sunrise.

…and that represents the conclusion of the aforementioned thoughts about NelsCAST scheduling.

NelsCAST Production Notes

Initial research indicates that further exploration warrants a review of the various elements involved in hosting a talk radio show. Certain talk radio shows might do better in the evening. Callers are more likely to call a technology themed talk radio show after dark. The zero nine hundred Mountain Time zone broadcast of the NelsCAST has never had an actual caller. Interviews have supplemented the NelsCAST demonstrating the potential of the format. The broadcast of the NelsCAST next week will occur at twenty one hundred Mountain Time. This twelve hour time shift will change the listen audience toward a demographic more likely to call the show during the live broadcast.