Internet Free Weekend Revisited

Can Nels spend an entire weekend without the internet? The simple answer to the question is yes. Nels was able to complete a weekend without internet. During the course of the Borys wedding weekend, Nels was able to sustain a complete moratorium on all internet usage. Completing this task required avoiding all potential devices capable of achieving internet connectivity. Nels did not enjoy the weekend without internet access. The rules only allowed the usage of standard electronics incapable of internet access. For example, devices accessible during the weekend included cellular phones, a GPS receiver, two automobiles, and multiple digital cameras. Live coverage of the event involved using the Short Messaging Service (SMS) associated with cellular phone text messaging. In order to avoid internet access, the micro blogging service Twitter functionally transferred the SMS messages to the internet making them available worldwide during the internet free weekend.

Unexpected automobile malfunction

Today the Ford Explorer unexpectedly malfunctioned during the process of safely making a turn across incoming traffic onto a side road. Gradually the momentum glided the Ford Explorer across the road and into a parking lot just off the side road. With any luck, during the scheduled seventy-five thousand mile maintenance the dealership automotive technicians will discover the problem.

Standards for Travel

Today is probably a good day to get things done. A trip to a retail store will start the process of building two automotive safety kits that include first aid materials. Automotive safety kits are probably a reflection of good planning. Actually having to use a care safety kit would be unfortunate. After returning from the retail store, the next step in the traveling process will involve packing clothing for the trip. Two entire days during the trip will involve driving. The rest of the time during the trip will involve celebrating Thanksgiving and talking to family members. Traveling between Colorado Springs, Colorado and Kansas City, Kansas takes about a day.

Planning family trips back to Kansas City, Kansas takes time. Family trips normally happen during the summer wedding season, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. On average, the entire family only gets together only a few times a year. Education provides the single greatest equalizing factor contributing to realizing the American Dream. At the same time, highly specialized education programs require people to move around the United States of America for employment. The entire family rarely follows one family member. Fragmentation results from the current educate then disperse pattern.

Traveling does provide a momentary change in daily activities. Riding in an automobile provides the opportunity to listen to radio programming. Both news talk radio and sports talk radio are frequently available during a trip. Increasingly finding a quality radio signal is becoming more difficult between Colorado and Kansas City, Kansas. Satellite radio solves the reception problem in exchange for a monthly fee. Automobile manufacturers build the vast majority of vehicles without the capacity for satellite radio. Special portable units provide satellite radio anywhere at anytime.

This particular road trip will probably require at least one audio book. Finding a high quality audio book that will be acceptable for the whole family is challenging. Most of the world of highly technical writing will never end up in audio book format. The amount of fiction available in audio book format is staggering. Being able to select one or two audio books from the vast catalog requires targeted informed searching.

Park Vacation Planning

Thanks in part to the recent cabin fever associated with waiting for Peppercorn the dog’s hind leg to heal planning a national park vacation has become a topic of conversation. After watching a few episodes about various national parks in HDTV (High Definition Television) on the Discovery Channel the cabin fever intensified. I recently learned about Crater Lake National Park in Oregon. After seeming images of Wizard Island in Crater Lake National Park I was ready to get into the car and drive.

Peppercorn the dog has never been to any national parks. Joni and I are fairly sure that Peppercorn the dog will be a major fan of the national park system. Before rescuing Peppercorn the dog planning trips throughout the United States of America was as simple as getting in the car and driving. Now part of the trip planning process involves paying attention to the details. Visiting the national parks in the State of Utah might be an easier adventure than traveling thousands of miles to get to Oregon.

At the end of the Honeymoon

After moving all the stuff out of the apartment to the new house, it was time to travel to Kansas for the wedding. Traveling back to Kansas on an aircraft is a better alternative than spending the entire day driving on the highways. Over two hundred people attended the wedding in Wichita, Kansas. Without question, the decision to have the reception immediately after the wedding was the best possible alternative to renting a ballroom. People really seemed to appreciate being able to attend the reception without having to drive to a new location. Almost everyone that attended the wedding ceremony attended the wedding reception in Wichita, Kansas, thanks in part to the convenient location.
Part of the wedding celebration plans called for a second reception to meet the couple in Kansas City, Kansas. After spending, an entire week completing a series of post-wedding planning tasks the reception was a welcome break from running errands. Between the frozen margarita machine and the chocolate fountain, everyone seemed to enjoy the reception. Tequila Harry’s Mexican food restaurant catered the meet the couple reception in Kansas City. Enough people attended the reception to fill a large tent in the backyard.
Over a full week after the wedding, it was time to leave for the honeymoon in Cancun, Mexico. Even a complete change in scenery was not enough to forget about the large pile of thank-you-notes that needed attention or the looming U-Haul drive to Colorado. Something about all inclusive resort vacations is inherently calming. Reducing the most complex decision of the day to considering what to have for dinner is a welcome simplification. Considering all of the alternatives involved both receptions and the wedding went very well.