Enjoying Colorado Springs

The editors over at Kiplinger’s personal finance managzine just released their top ten value cities list for 2011. The City of Colorado Springs, Colorado happened to be ranked #4. Colorado Springs has infinatly more outdoor activities, local travel opportunitys, and scenic mountins for residents to enjoy compared the #1 ranked Omaha, Nebraska.

Notes from the San Jose Airport

Recently, I started to take a visual survey of what types of laptop, notebook, and netbook personal computing devices people are actually using. Today for example, after checking in with airport security the long walk down the terminal causeway provided the perfect opportunity for a visual inspection of computer usage. The results were very interesting. People were using a series of Acer, Asus, and Dell computers. Only one computer could not be identified. Somebody working near the coffee bar was using a very small nebook that did not have a manufacturer label. The system was obviously running Windows Vista, but however built the system did not provide any identifiable markings.

During the last few days at the American Society for Public Administration (ASPA) 2010 conference in San Jose, California people were using Acer (Ferrari), Dell, and Macintosh. Academics run the gambit of computer usage. Some academics are true computer power users that demand absolute performance. However, some academics take an almost Luddite approach to accepting technology. Technology buyers tend to be a rather bimodal group of spenders. The first category of technology buyer avoids overspending at all costs; even performance considering are secondary to a perfect fit between price and basic functionality. The second category of technology buyers tends to spend based on the intersection of the bleeding edge of technological innovation and mass production.

Technology seems to be a topic that requires constant reevaluation. Without question understanding how people value computers requires empirical evidence based on observing what technology people transport with them across the country. If people value technology enough travel with it, then the way people use that technology needs to be functionally understood.

A new day in San Jose

Checking into the American Society for Public Administration (ASPA) conference today in San Jose, California required a fair amount of walking. Initially, I thought the conference was being held at the convention center. After doing some research, I found out that all of the ASPA 2010 conference sessions are being held at The Fairmont San Jose Luxury Hotel. The conference registration information included a schedule that lays out the details for a very promising weekend of public administration theory and scholarship.

Wandering Fog

After the conclusion of the recent weekend ice storm, a heavy and nearly impassable fog rolled over the city. Without question, fog has always been the enemy of donuts. However, rarely does fog compete with the purchase of tacos. Peppercorn the dog happens to dislike ice storms far greater than fog. Working in a cubicle with the possibility of overtime lurking in the background always raises questions about the situation. Late night driving with fog always seems somewhat unsettling. They say all reasonable employment is good employment. Typically, the fine art of resume building does involve employment. In general, the economic circumstances of the last two years have tempered the resume building adventures of a large number of Americans. During times of economic upheaval, the process of sustaining employment can become the overriding consideration within the resume building process.

Winter Taco Weather

Maybe now would be a good time to type up a weblog entry. Early this morning, Peppercorn the dog decided to start barking before the alarm clock had time to spring into action. After feeding the dog a nutritious breakfast of salmon and sweet potatoes, a careful inspection of the backyard revealed the existence of snow on the ground. Last night after a complete night of work, snow covered the Ford Explorer and everything surrounding the parking lot.

Snow before Halloween in Colorado Springs always seems somewhat shocking. Given that the office building is located directly on the front range of the Rocky Mountains, the possibility of early snowfalls exists. Watching snow fall outside the window throughout the day always seems ominous. Living near the mountains creates the possibility of having to endure blizzards. Maybe the idea of being stuck at work overnight seems somewhat terrifying.

Given the startling realization about having to drive home in a snow covered automobile, purchasing a few tacos seemed to be the right decision. A few taco selling establishments in Colorado Springs operate perpetually. These providers of food services never stop selling. Anybody at anytime with a certain amount of money and access to transportation can purchase tacos.

If the current trend of winter weather continues, then the possibility exists of being stuck at work exists. Maybe now would be a good time to develop an emergency preparedness plan for inclement weather that occurs during the workday preventing the possibility of leaving the workplace. In this case, as in many cases planning is a good idea.