Words on a page can be powerful

Writing happens for a variety of reasons. Bringing prose to life can be reward enough to keep writing. Words on a page can be powerful. A good series of thoughts can be transformative. A few words can spark the imagination or bring forward unimaginable change. At the same time the turn of the page can be nothing more than a distraction to help pass the time between memorable events.

Writers write. We measure that time in front of the keyboard. If we are lucky enough to keep writing, then we may find ourselves drawn to the keyboard. My attempts to use dictation software failed miserably. It turns out that the simple act of typing is what keeps the process going. Sure I have been looking at purchasing a fountain pen. My switch to using Parker IM rollerball pens went well enough that buying a fountain pen seemed like the next logical step. Keyboards will probably be my main writing tool for the foreseeable future. Writing by hand is something that will still occur to sketch out ideas or take notes.

My Google Pixel XL arrived

My Google Pixel XL arrived yesterday. It was easy to unbox. Setting up the phone took about 20 minutes. I elected to treat it like a new installation and install applications on first use. You can expect a review in about a week. In the meantime, please do not let the suspense of my impending review slow you down. Maybe it is time to think about the potentially dystopian nature of the intersection of technology and modernity. Maybe the way news is delivered has contributed to the disjointed nature of our national dialogue. Our politics includes the life experiences of multiple generations. Together we form a civil society that drives our nation forward. Together we build an intergenerational tapestry that defines our social fabric. Elections tend to test the edges of that fabric. They pull on the things that wedge us apart. Elections are a time of deciding. Outside of that moment of choice we are all in this together. Today no more than the next. Today no more than the last. Together we strive forward toward a better tomorrow. Some of that promise involves technology. Some of it involves changes in our communities of place, circumstance, or interest.

Pixel XL Box
Pixel XL Box

My Commodore VIC-20

Peppercorn the dog has been waking up early this week. I am hopeful that trend stops sooner than later. Maybe Peppercorn the dog was displeased that we cleaned up the garage. This week happened to be large item pickup week for our trash service. That occasion sparked some clean up in the garage. It turns out that my first computer was sitting in the garage on a shelf. In the original box with all the cables and instructions was a very used Commodore VIC-20. My first instinct was to check eBay to see how much it was worth. It was not worth very much. Apparently, people are not very nostalgic about the Commodore VIC-20.

Commodore VIC-20
Commodore VIC-20

Valentine Remastered

Today is probably going to involve a trip to the mall. Joni has started to think about getting new place settings. Out last set of Sango Gold Dust Black dishes lasted a decade. The only issue we have with the set is that a number of dishes have broken or been lost over the years. Mostly we are missing the smaller salad size plates. It appears that folks that work for Sango discontinued the set in 2009.

Peppercorn the dog is ten years old. That is something that I have been thinking about more and more throughout the last few months. I try to value each day with Peppercorn the dog. Over the course of the last decade Peppercorn the dog has mostly napped in and around my office. I worked. The dog just hung out and napped. I guess that is what dogs do.

I like to work with a certain amount of background noise. Planning out each day to include a certain amount of work has been a part of my routine for many years. Most of the time I do not spend any effort planning out my background noise. A good portion of it includes the streaming music service Pandora. Some of my days involve listening to movies or television shows.

I have been thinking about watching Gene Roddenberry’s Andromeda from start to finish again. That show does not appear to be on any of the streaming services. This may be a case of having to trade out discs after each episode. That used to be totally acceptable, but has now become rather tedious.