Big night at the Lazy Dog bar

Every once in awhile a good dinner is in order and tonight involved venturing out to the Lazy Dog Sports bar on Pearl Street in Downtown Boulder, Colorado. Inspiration for a downtown dinner in part came from the fact that Pat and Kelly drove into Boulder, Colorado, from Westminster, Colorado. One central observation came out of lengthy political discussions about the past and future. During the conservation the fact that Lawrence, Kansas, has an open traffic downtown district while Boulder, Colorado, has closed off Pearl Street to traffic really stood out as a major difference. In any event, the conclusion of the conversation involved a recommendation that Lawrence, Kansas, should consider closing traffic on a section of Massachusetts Street. A public square would add to the college atmosphere and allow people to walk around downtown safely. Tomorrow the big trip to Kansas City will take up the majority of the day, but after the dust settles, the idea of closing part of Massachusetts Street will defiantly receive additional consideration.

Monday inspiration

Thanksgiving is quickly approaching and the drive from Boulder, Colorado, to Kansas City, Kansas, is starting to loom over the rest of the week. Driving across the great State of Kansas is never really a fun activity, but it is a necessary part of being able to participate in family activities. Next week will include all sorts of wedding related discussions and the specific duty of seeking consultation with establishments that rent tuxedos. Naturally, Joni has stared an intensive tuxedo consultation motivated reminder campaign to ensure that at some point during the trip action on the issue occurs. Maybe the campaign involves an attempt to cross something off the list of items requiring completion in a timely fashion. Regardless of schedule or requirements for the trip to Kansas City, several important milestones will occur during the next week. At some point during the next week, documents related to the dissertation process will travel across the internet to a digital drop box in a virtual classroom. Maybe focusing attention on the importance of completing the dissertation prospectus and proposal has magnified the process. Certainly, attention is necessary since the prospectus and the proposal are the documents that potential advisors and committee members are going to review.

Final project weekend

Between the requirements of an extensive literature review and a series of dissertation proposal and dissertation prospectus editing sessions the weekend is vanishing quickly. At the start of the weekend, one of the standing goals was to complete enough work to be able to go see the new Johnny Cash biographical movie staring Joaquin Phoenix as Johnny Cash and Reese Witherspoon as June Carter. Aptly titled “Walk the line,” the movie seems to be getting quality reviews throughout the intellectual void that is movie commentary on the internet. Even after working into the middle of the night several days in the row movie going prospects seem to be fading fast. Consider for a moment the economic reality of contemporary movie going. Two people can attend the movie theater for about twenty dollars. Twenty dollars represents the ability to purchase about thirty tacos. In a head-to-head battle between buying tacos and watching movies the utility received from watching a movie has to be able to outweigh the potential benefit of about thirty tacos. Arguments about diminishing returns aside theaters show a movie once for about two hours, but purchasing tacos does not and should not represent a one-time activity.

Sunday Shoe Shopping

Yesterday, the better part of the day was spent roaming around the City of Colorado Springs, Colorado, which was a fun and interesting experience. Part of the adventure was about getting to see the Air Force Academy, Colorado College, and University of Colorado at Colorado Springs buildings scattered throughout the maze of curving roads that divide the city. Colorado is a strange and wondrous state that offers mountains as a backdrop to strategically placed cities and a multitude of opportunities to enjoy the natural wonders the state has to offer.
Today started with some crackers and peanut butter and quickly turned into a Sunday shoe-shopping marathon. Between visits to the sports store, the mall, and a sporting goods store shoes were available in quantities that were bordering on obscene. One thing was certain about the shoe-shopping marathon the National Football League was not providing quality games on the schedule this Sunday. Despite the fact, that Boulder, Colorado, shows fewer National Football League games each week than anyone would expect with several hundred digital cable television channels. First, the National Football Game should make sure to show the local games in each region, but league also needs to make sure that other competitive games are available. Second, the facts surrounding the current situation are very clear the National Football League is having a down year in the content category. Some games are simply not enjoyable to watch even for the diehard football fan that watches every game broadcast in the region.

Considering goals

Understanding the final destination is part of the challenge of defining a series of personal or professional goals. Over time, it is easy to get set in a routine that sustains the status quo without striving to achieve at a higher level for a higher purpose. Determining a set of well-defined goals and objectives that are not part of the day-to-day routine is about expanding possibility instead of muddling through the journey known as life. Living in the land of opportunity is about understanding possibility and accepting that in the midst of life experiences are choices. One of the side effects of free will is the fact that choice defines what paths will guide the journey that is life. For most people reality is a dynamic that forces choices that minimize potential risk while maximizing short-term gains. However if every game is played out to win a series of self serving battles for short-term maximization long-term prospects might not be given the strategic importance they deserve. Finding and developing opportunities that help realize long-term strategic goals have to be part of the daily routine to be effective.