Entry #12 – Deep

Welcome to Friday. Today happens to be an exciting Friday. It happens to be a day I took off work to engage in writing and do a little cleaning up around the house. During part of my morning, I spent some time thinking about the book “Deep Work” by Cal Newport (2016). Getting time to focus in and really work deeply is increasingly challenging. The number of things that beep, alert, and draw attention are forever increasing despite our best efforts to reasonably silence and control the ones around us.

That made me think about my top 3 favorite business books at the moment. It was pretty easy to figure that one out and it only required a couple seconds to type them up on the screen here.

  1. Deep Work by Cal Newport (2016)
  2. Measure what Matters by John Doerr (2017)
  3. Executing Your Strategy: How to Break it Down and Get it Done by Mark Morgan, Raymond E. Levitt, and William Alexander Malek (2007)

To me the Executing Your Strategy book is full of timeless pearls of wisdom and should be read by every student before graduating college. Seriously, that advice might be offered for free, but that does not mean it is not valuable.


I went down the guitar effects rabbit hole today on the web and YouTube.

  • Orange OR15H 15-watt Tube Head
  • Orange PPC212 V 120-watt 2×12″ Cabinet – Orange
  • EarthQuaker Devices Palisades
  • EarthQuaker Devices Sea Machine
  • Walrus Audio Deep Six


Entry #11 – Deciding

Today I organized my collection of Crane & Co. note sheets and note cards. Earlier this year I started to look for a nice stationary box. Currently, I am still using an old Sony VAIO neoprene laptop case to store all my stationary equipment. However, I have yet again managed to lose my address book. That small address book as been in my possession for over 10 years. It has been lost a number of times. This time it seems to be lost a little more than usual. It is probably sitting underneath something. That is typically what happens. I end up sitting it under something or it gets knocked behind something.

I’m going to need to engage in some deciding. Some direction has to be taken here shortly to drive all of my attention and energy to building and creating something. Instead of just switching from thing to thing it is time to begin to be devoted to something. That might sound rather simplistic and it should be a rather easy thing to commit to doing, but it turns out it is much harder than expected.

Entry #10 – Hot Sauce

hot sauce collection

Today was an exciting day in terms of hot sauce management. My collection of hot sauce has gotten out of control recently. Earlier today, during a trip to Target, I purchased a new container for my hot sauce collection. Right now 18 bottles of hot sauce are being stored in the garage fridge. A few of the older ones had to leave my collection. I’m going to need to eat hot sauce at least 2x a week to be able to start to reduce the number of bottles in my collection. That is important to help create enough room for new hot sauce additions. A few of them are on my short list of things I would like to try to see if they can make the vaunted top five list.

hot sauce collection

I started to write a short story:

“Elson entered the parking lot from the northeast side. A few people were milling around the parking lot that morning. They were in various states of getting, having, or finishing breakfast. It was that time of day. Things happened slowly for some and in highly entrenched patterns for others. Today was a day where a bagel was going to be a part of breakfast. That was about to happen.”

My goal for today is to try to plug that little bit of a short story into the GPT-2 model to see how the AI would continue my efforts.

Entry #9 – Purpose

Grappling with the idea of finding a purpose is a fight worth having. Everyday I wonder about the nature of having multiple purposes or trying to strive toward one overarching big thing. That is really the difference between purpose and duty.