NBA Regular Season Questions

Will anybody notice if the National Basketball Association (NBA) failed to play any regular season games this year?

Nobody really cared when the National Hockey League (NHL) skipped the 2004 to 2005 season. I think the NBA might be overvaluing their stock by about 40%  to 60%.

Consider for a moment average game attendance…

During the 2011 season 893,462 people attended a total of 41 Chicago Bulls home games. By comparison during 7 home games 782,776 attended University of Michigan football games. If a college football game can draw in over 100,000 people per game, then how does the NBA stand satisfied with a league best average of 21,791 per game?

Press Release: Help Bring a Honey Badger to Colorado Springs

In case you were wondering, you can help bring a honey badger to Colorado Springs. A new philanthropic website just launched tonight COS Honey Badger dot org.

  1. I plan on filling out the paperwork to form a non-profit organization in the State of Colorado.
  2. The donation section will be setup after the non-profit organization has been setup.
  3. We will solicit t-shirt designs later this month.

National park office decorations

Yep, it seemed like a strangely long day. Some days just seem to take longer than others. I finally got to move into my new office. The walls seemed a little empty and bland. Starting tomorrow my office walls will be adorned with posters that commemorate some of my previous visits to national parks. How many wall posters can an office handle? I’m thinking 3 or maybe 4 wall posters might work.

Will the new Fox television show Terra Nova be picked up for a second season?

Who knows when the new Apple iPhone 5 will be released?

Will Apple decide to maximize efficiencies from very large economies of scale by using iPhone 5 components to power the new iPad 3?

Weekend Activities Reconsidered

Apparently, the Joni plan involves some type of activity during every day of every weekend. My weekend may very well involve a trip to Costco or maybe even Lowes.  After acquiring a Keurig Platinum B70 gourmet single cup coffee maker with 60 samples I have watched my supply of k-cups dwindle. Costco only sells a handful of K-Cup varieties. It would be nice if Costco sold a sweet variety pack. Outside of coffee considerations a trip to Lowes will probably involve looking at ceiling fans.

Cheyenne Mountain Zoo + A Lunch at Rudy’s BBQ

Twitter is much easier to use for capturing a single thought than taking the time build a complete mobile weblog post on the go. Here is an example from my twitter feed @nelslindahl “When will the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo get a honey badger? I’ll donate $50 to help get one.” Naturally, everyone enjoys random thoughts about honey badgers. From what I can tell only one zoo in the United States has a honey badger in captivity. The San Diego Zoo Safari Park has a honey badger. The Cheyenne Mountain Zoo in Colorado Springs probably should get a honey badger. I understand the zoo staff would have to stay out of the honey badgers cage, but what could be more fun than a rocky mountain honey badger exhibit?

I digress. We should turn our attention to the second part of the story. After visiting the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo for a relaxing morning walk Joni and I decided to purchase lunch from Rudy’s “Country Store” and BAR-B-Q! Sure I might have had lunch at Rudy’s on Friday, but who judges somebody for having barbeque for lunch on back to back days? Joni enjoyed a BBQ turkey sandwich and some peach cobbler. I am seriously considering adding Rudy’s BBQ to my restaurants favorites list.