Android Application Usage Update

In general, the defense style games seem to offer strategic challenge and entertainment at the same time. What are the best robot defense games for Android phones? I have played and enjoyed Robo Defense from Lupis Labs. The Robo Defense application has had some recent upgrades that really extended the long term playability of the game.

Maybe now is a good time to take a few moments and review how Android applications have been used and purchased on my HTC EVO 4G. During the course of the last few months the Android Market has only had a few applications that were worth purchasing. For the most part developers of high quality content have ignored the Android Market. Old school video games should be having a renaissance on Android phones, but the market seems to be undersupplied.

What Android applications have been purchased by this household?

  1. Advanced Task Killer (Before it became free)
  2. BeyondPod (This application allowed me to retire my Zune)
  3. Math Alarm Clock (Best (most effective) alarm clock I have ever owned)
  4. Retro Defense (Recently purchased; provides quicker games than Robo Defense)
  5. Robo Defense (Addictive!)
  6. Wolfram Alpha (Not sure why I bought this application)

What free Android applications have been downloaded (and utilized) by this household?

  1. Angry Birds (Complete Franchise: I will purchase the Eagle option when given the opportunity.)
  2. Coca-Cola snow globe (I really enjoyed this live wallpaper)
  3. Firefox (I switch between browsers)
  4. OpenTable (Great app for quickly making reservations)
  5. Ringdroid (Used sporadically, but very functional)
  6. ScoreCenter (Frequently used because the ESPN mobile website is horrible)
  7. Twitter (Enough said)

On Android Tablets

When will the second generation of Android tablets arrive?

The price point on the first generation seems to be just over the threshold of mass adoption throughout society. Mass production of the second wave of Android tablets should realize an economy of scale that reduces the price point. However, the current market overcrowding of similar competing Android tablet products could create a price war. While most of the companies will not survive the Android tablet competition the marketplace will be stronger.