The Adventurrito is Over

The Chipotle website has announced, “The Adventurrito is over.” The last twenty days have been a blur. I have been eating at Chipotle since they opened stores in Kansas. The way the Chipotle Adventurrito Puzzle contest ended was handled poorly. It was all fun and games until the final test. The rules of the challenge were changed along the way. I don’t even know where my final score stacked up against everybody else competing in the contest. I do know that I got one question wrong during the first part of the final challenge. I made it all the way through the challenge, but one of the calculations I made was wrong. After 13 years of college, I should have double checked my math. It was only 20 years of free burritos at stake. I enjoyed the challenge, but I think I’m over Chipotle for a while.


Update: It appears that the folks over at Chipotle decided to accept an additional answer to one of the questions. That means that I did not miss any questions during the 20th challenge.


Chipotle Adventurrito Puzzle 20 of 20 Complete

The last 20 days have been very interesting. This internet delivered multimedia puzzle game was completely unexpected. The puzzles the Chipotle Adventurrito team came up with were challenging and unexpected. I was surprised by a few of them. Based on the response from social media and other sources the contest was very well received. It appears about 40,000 people participated in the challenge. All of them were hoping to win a ton of free burritos. The 20th challenge concluded with an answer that involved a couple sentences, “STEVE ELLS FOUNDED CHIPOTLE IN CO IN 1993. THE FIRST MENU DID NOT HAVE BARBACOA. IN FACT, THERE WERE NO MENU BOARDS AT ALL. HAPPY 20TH, CHIPOTLE.” I’ll be checking every email I get for the next week… winning could be epic!!!


Chipotle Adventurrito Puzzle 9 of 20 Complete

I have been working on winning the Chipotle Adventurrito challenge for 9 days now. The puzzles are fun. The 9th puzzle involved listening to music. I had no idea Chipotle has a radio station. The answer last night was 1993. The challenge was fun to work out. Each of the puzzles has been fun to figure out.


Chipotle Adventurrito Puzzle 3 of 20 Complete

The third Chipotle Adventurito puzzle was much harder than the first two. It took me awhile to figure out the answer. The answer was 13, 2013, 20, 7305, 3, 2, 411, 140, 2, 20, 10, 20, 50, 2063, which was both challenging to figure out and completely epic. The Chipotle employees have built some real high quality and somewhat whimsical challenges. The fourth challenge is about to be released. I will be working on it for a while tonight.


Chipotle Adventurrito Puzzle 1 of 20 Complete

The first of twenty Chipotle Mexican Grill adventurrito puzzles was unlocked last night. It took me about thirty minutes to finally get logged into the website. The answer to the puzzle was not what I expected. The answer was rather challenging when the website was not working. The thrill of chasing down the answer had people turning to Twitter for help via the hashtag #adventurrito. A massive amount of traffic actually brought the website down for about an hour.