Angels & Demons Movie Review

Only 27 days after the opening, Joni authorized a lunchtime trip to the local movie theater to see the Tom Hanks film Angels & Demons. A review of the movie will be forthcoming later today or maybe tomorrow. Expect to see a few initial reactions about the movie on Twitter. Over the years, Tom Hanks has been involved in a very wide range of movie projects. After recently hearing Tom Hanks participate in an excellent radio interview on the Dennis Miller Show, it seemed like a good time to see the movie. Movies only have limited theatrical runs. Movie theaters could make money by showing classic movies on weekdays. A large catalog of movies exists. Based on the total catalog of available movies a classic movie Tuesday format could bring 52 movies a year to life on the big screen.

Angels & Demons Movie Review…

Dan Brown probably should have crafted a stronger novel. Elements of the plot are interesting and could have been the seeds of a strong novel. Overall, some of the plot decisions seriously hampered the development of both characters and readability. Visually, the movie delivers stunning imagery. Tom Hanks worked within the backdrop of history. Tom Hanks delivered a high quality performance that almost overcomes the shortcomings of the novel. All of the artwork, architecture, and stunning background imagery made the movie. For the most part, the last third of the book really begins to unravel.


Questioning Ticketmaster Policy

Nels successfully acquired three sets of Denver Nuggets Western Conference Finals NBA playoff tickets. Unfortunately, Ticketmaster’s engineers have decided Colorado Springs resides outside the borders of the State of Colorado. At the very last moment, during the checkout procedures immediately after authorizing payment for all three sets of tickets the tickets were released back into the general ticket pool. Nels tried to purchase playoff tickets at on Friday May 15, 2009, at 10:00 AM MST using a special promotional code. The code allowed Denver Nuggets email subscribers access to a pool of Western Conference playoff tickets at the Pepsi Center. A second ticket purchasing event occurred at 6:00 PM MST on Friday May 15, 2009.

Residents of the State of Colorado were truly angry about the Colorado Rockies problems selling World Series tickets in 2007. Apparently, Ticketmaster was able to sell the Western Conference Finals tickets to official residents of the State of Colorado. Does Ticketmaster care about the disenfranchisement of a Colorado Springs resident? Sometimes the Ticketmaster Corporation forgets to check the integrity of computer programming. Functional technology or functional software does not guarantee the implementation of perfect policy. Ticketmaster should really go to the trouble of acquiring accurate geographical information. If the Ticketmaster Corporation is going to practice exclusion by geographic location, then Ticketmaster should strive toward the acquisition of accurate information. Anything less intentionally and willfully disenfranchises customers.