Yesterday could have been the big day. The joy of technology acquisition was in the air.
Hope existed at an unprecedented level. Most of the day was spent waiting for a call from the Sprint store in Derby, Kansas. Calls had been placed to a few stores in the area to locate the exact location for the next delivery of HTC EVO 4G phones.

Last night involved drinks at Mike’s Wine Dive in Wichita, Kansas. Joni’s ten year high school reunion seemed almost surreal. Something about the entire reunion process only hits home right before walking into the door. Right before the reunion drinks we had the privilege of attending a wedding reception. Everything really hits home when you take a figurative uppercut from a metaphor. Maybe it was the dumbfounded look of a high school sophomore contemplating the ancient nature of a ten year high school reunion or the realization that an entire decade had passed, but the night took on a bit of introspective melodrama.

Naturally, Amanda had the HTC EVO 4G and recommended purchasing it as soon as possible. Somebody at Mike’s Wine Diver was even playing Super Mario Brothers on the HTC EVO. At some point perhaps the overwhelming avalanche of evidence and recommendations supporting the HTC EVO 4G will inspire the purchase of two of the devices with a backup Blackberry hanging out in third place.

In any event after the major technology acquisition failure that occurred on Friday only one real solution exists. Sure camping out at the local Sprint store would be an option, but placing an order for the phones online might be the only way to move forward.


Could today involve some live blogging? Maybe; the waiting process will certainly inspire a certain degree of nervous energy that could very well result in the generation of stream of consciousness prose.

I finally broke down and got my name placed on a waiting list for the HTC EVO 4G. Let me say officially and without any qualification, waiting for the call from the Sprint store this morning seems to be taking an eternity.

When will the HTC 4G EVO arrive?
When will they finally call?
How long will it take to get to the store?

Speculation; enjoy it or fight it, but eventually you will end up accepting that it exists and moving on to something else. The internet is a large (incredibly large) space full of plenty of content to mesmerize even the most enthusiastic connoisseur of speculative thought.

Acquiring this particular phone seems to have been a Herculean challenge that defied reason and logic. Typically, a company as large as Sprint would attempt to find a supplier that could manage to deliver a significant quantity of products. The current shortage of HTC EVO 4G devices could either be a part supply problem or corporate mismanagement. Theoretically, the part supply problem could be part of a competitor’s evil plot to shrink HTC market share.

More of less this weblog realizes the full potential of single serving writing. Since the units of analysis for a weblog inevitably boils down to the number of posts. The process of single serving writing tends to develop organically and it quickly becomes entrenched for most digital authors. Some weblog posts can use reverse linkages in the form of hypertext bookmarks to allow readers to navigate across the historical universe of the weblog. For the most part readers tend to focus on the newest weblog posts instead of conducting a historical survey that draws on prose across a broad spectrum of experiences and motivations. Sure almost every weblog has a search engine, but the search engine tool is general remains under utilized and typically under delivers.

********** Story Update v0.32B **********

The morning shipment from HTC never materialized and the waiting game started to see if a 4:00 PM (CST) delivery would occur. Getting the HTC EVO 4G might actually be harder than getting placed on a list. Why Sprint has refused to allow people to preorder the device who are wiling to wait for shipment defies reason.

HTC EVO 4G Shortages

Who would have ever guessed at the advent of the digital age that technology companies would have a hard time producing portable electronics?

With any new technology the process of early adoption always remains problematic. HTC will probably continue attempting to be a functional wireless device manufacturing company. At some point the company will need to ramp up production to meet real work demand. Sprint is struggling to have enough 4G devices in the marketplace.

Unless something new comes along in the next few weeks, I will keep waiting for the HTC EVO 4G to become available.

Everything could have been somewhat easy, but nothing in the real work every really works out that way. Rob and a few other people have noticed the number of posts on this weblog about the HTC EVO 4G. Then again Rob “The World’s Finest” tends to engage in the process of creating origami. Rob may or may not be the foremost connoisseur of paper based shuriken (ninja stars) on the planet. At some point, HTC will manage to produce enough of the HTC EVO 4G phones to make the commercially available online again for regular consumers who refuse to wait at stores for random delivers.

In other somewhat related news, this morning Andy from Chicago might have received a free bag of dog treats. In response to my low resolution camera phone powered by the Verizon Wireless network Andy was going to send HTC EVO 4G inspired high resolution photographs to my phone. Unfortunately, my handset cannot even begin to open an eight megapixel photograph.

I guess all random acts of kindness should be supported.

Giving up television

Over the next few days a prolific amount of overtime will be worked. Maybe now is a great time to start small and give up television for the weekend. Sure enough, everything involved in this plan started small enough. Giving up television for a day was easy enough, but somehow unfulfilling. Maybe fiving up television on the day that LeBron James elected to join the Miami Heat basketball was not the best choice in history.

The decision might seem symbolic in some way. I assure that any symbolism is coincidental and in no way intended (consciously or subconsciously). Pretty much the only degree of higher thought that occurred today (in any way shape or form) involved developing a plan to change my work schedule to something earlier in the morning.

Plus Sprint keeps paying for televised advertisements to taunt people who are trying to acquire the HTC EVO 4G. Why does Sprint keep hoarding the phone from customers? I mean really; given the current marketplace supply problems Sprint is facing as a company the whole situation is rather insensitive to a very large market of unsatisfied consumers.

On a somewhat related, but otherwise tangential note here are a few podcasts that are being loaded on my Zune to provide entertainment during the commute to work:

  1. The Dennis Miller Radio Show
  2. C-SPAN podcast of the week
  3. Dr. Kiki’s Science Hour
  4. The Heritage Foundation events podcast
  5. This week at NASA
  6. NPR Science Friday
  7. Scientific America 60-second science

On a Zune related note: my trial Zune music pass has been working splendidly over the last few days. Feel free to send me any music suggestions that might spice up my now unlimited music collection. I typically listen to a combination of fusion guitar, rock, metal, and alternative music.

*** Revised and edited on July 9, 2010 ***

Thursday Questions Revisited

When will Sprint restock the HTC EVO 4G online?

What NBA team will LeBron James accept a paycheck from?

Does LeBron James have an HTC EVO 4G?

A few NBA marketing questions exist…

People have been trying for decades to figure out the ultimate National Basketball Association (NBA) starting lineup. Recently, the NBA has been faltering and languishing behind the financial domination of the National Football League (NFL). Fixed salaries provide very little financial freedom room for NBA franchises. Overweighed veteran contacts tend to complicate the NBA salary system.

For example, I would argue the greatest basketball team ever assembled was the 1992 Olympic Dream Team. Apparently, the pro bono publico work of the 1992 Dream Team stands apart from any debate about a standard NBA roster.

However, members of the 2003 NBA draft are actively rewriting history by holding a reverse draft. The members of the 2003 draft have waited to become free agents in order to be able to select a team instead of being obligated to how a bouncing ball determined a team’s lottery pick status.

The exciting conclusion to this process will be broadcast on national television. Apparently, at some point today on the Entertainment Sports Programming Network (ESPN) professional basketball player LeBron James will simply pick a team and dramatically change the landscape of the NBA.

I can only hope that maybe the LeBron James sweepstakes will inspire the Sprint executives to step it up a notch and provide better access to the HTC EVO 4G.

*** Revised and edited on July 8, 2010 ***