Working Overtime on Taco Tuesday

A few hard decisions have to be made over the next few months. For better or worse the path toward working overtime leads to larger paychecks and eventually being tired. To directly combat the tiredness would be unwise and ultimately misguided. An alternative strategy was developed that involved both tacos and beer, but alas I digress…

After engaging in some rather serious Excel Kung Fu at work it seemed like a good idea to indulge in taco Tuesday at Del Taco on the way home. With a massive amount of hot sauce in the take out bag a cool refreshing beverage was in order to complete the night. I do have to say, the good people over at New Belgium Brewing do manage to make a tasty beer. Fat Tire amber ale remains a fan favorite in Colorado.

Eating an entire bag of inexpensive tacos would seem like the right way to conclude a rather stressful day, but something else was required. What could be better than a bag of tacos? The answer involves having a bag of tacos and allowing the Netflix Corporation to stream Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan directly to my secondary monitor.

Yes, today involved a demonstration of workplace Kung Fu, tacos, and Star Trek…

*** Revised and edited on July 6, 2010 ***

The HTC EVO is sold out online

Should I just buy the HTC HERO today?

The HTC EVO never seems to be in stock on the Sprint website…

Every few hours I find myself checking the Sprint webpage to see if a new batch of HTC EVO 4G phones might be available online. Patience remains a virtue worthy of discussion and in theory worthy of practice in everyday life. The HTC HERO would provide most of the same features and is easily attainable both online and at retail stores nationwide. At some level it would be much easier to concede technologies advance and give up on purchasing the HTC EVO 4G by just accepting the accessibility of the HTC HERO. However, given the two year length of wireless phone contracts with Sprint the conclusion of the story would inevitably lead to two solid years of daily disappointment.

27 pints of Salsa Gordo Perezoso del Hombre are jarred and sitting in the kitchen. The salsa always remains jarred for one full day before the initial taste testing. The current test version of the salsa stands better than competition ready with a flavor that meets or exceeds any salsa enthusiast’s expectations. A successful marathon writing weekend 3.0 will make this 4th of July exceptionally memorable. Surprisingly, the writing project succeeded even with a substantial pit stop to make and jar salsas during the middle of the day on Saturday.

In other somewhat related news, the next writing project has been selected.

Now where is my HTC EVO 4G?

*** Revised and edited on July 5, 2010 ***

Sunday Writing Entanglements

The marathon writing session continued throughout the early hours of the morning until exhaustion extinguished any spark of creativity and the project had to be abandoned in favor of sleep. Thanks to the piercing sounds of my digital alarm clock the day started anew and the writing process kicked back into high gear. When the dissertation project is complete the search for the HTC EVO 4G will begin in earnest. Today should be the last day completely devoted to cleaning up the last two chapters. Tomorrow will probably involve a full day of work. Either way the process of writing and working and writing anytime the workday concludes takes a psychological and physical toll.  Maybe at this point being done is more important than being well rested.

In any event, now would be a good time to get back to work.

*** Remind me to explain the massive number of BSOD my Dell Studio 1535 had last night. Somehow Dell has a hard time running complex calcuations using IBM’s PASW (SPSS) Statistics version 18.0.0 ***

Marathon Writing Weekend 3.0

This weekend will be a true test my writing skills.

The process of working during weekdays and writing during weekends seems to be taking an unusual toll on my general everyday level of courtesy and manners. However, I can say without reservation that everything seems to be coming together throughout the month of July. The writing process seems to be requiring longer periods of uninterrupted time. The marathon writing session seemed to bring everything together by advancing the project. This weekend will more or less be a marathon editing session focused on finalizing a complete draft of the dissertation project. Now would be the time to complete the project.

Joni seems to think that purchasing the HTC EVO 4G Android operating system based phone should coincide with my completion of my current writing project. Maybe this directive is part of a motivational technique to encourage extreme productivity by snatching victory from the jaws of procrastinations defeat.

The prize of a new HTC EVO 4G awaits!