Thursday Questions Revisited

When will Sprint restock the HTC EVO 4G online?

What NBA team will LeBron James accept a paycheck from?

Does LeBron James have an HTC EVO 4G?

A few NBA marketing questions exist…

People have been trying for decades to figure out the ultimate National Basketball Association (NBA) starting lineup. Recently, the NBA has been faltering and languishing behind the financial domination of the National Football League (NFL). Fixed salaries provide very little financial freedom room for NBA franchises. Overweighed veteran contacts tend to complicate the NBA salary system.

For example, I would argue the greatest basketball team ever assembled was the 1992 Olympic Dream Team. Apparently, the pro bono publico work of the 1992 Dream Team stands apart from any debate about a standard NBA roster.

However, members of the 2003 NBA draft are actively rewriting history by holding a reverse draft. The members of the 2003 draft have waited to become free agents in order to be able to select a team instead of being obligated to how a bouncing ball determined a team’s lottery pick status.

The exciting conclusion to this process will be broadcast on national television. Apparently, at some point today on the Entertainment Sports Programming Network (ESPN) professional basketball player LeBron James will simply pick a team and dramatically change the landscape of the NBA.

I can only hope that maybe the LeBron James sweepstakes will inspire the Sprint executives to step it up a notch and provide better access to the HTC EVO 4G.

*** Revised and edited on July 8, 2010 ***