Trying to refocus

Overall my plan to put the smartphone down and not keep it with me all the time is working out pretty well. That vtech “Connect to Cell” system works well enough as an extended headset to my Google Pixel 5 smartphone that it is almost like a house phone. It is sort of weird to hear phone calls ringing throughout the entire house again like the days of yore when land lines were a common household feature. 

The vast majority of the application alerts and notices that I spent all day clearing out are not necessary. A lot of unnecessary attention was going to that smartphone each day and that was easy enough to stop. For the next couple of days I have planned time off that could be spent writing and working on a few things. 

Today I picked back up and worked a little bit on my week 30 Substack post. It needed a little bit of refinement and rework to be ready for Friday. Intellectually I know that I should spend a few minutes on the next few posts and get them into suitably completed drafts. Initially I was able to work ahead a little bit more than what is happening now, but for some reason that process broke down and I am just working on one week at a time. If the content being produced was real time, then that would make sense as an approach. The content is however planned out weeks in advance making it much easier to produce drafts in a queue instead of working in real time to be timely based on the news of the day. Maybe that is the key to unlocking a different type of content at some point in the future. I have considered turning the weekly Substack post into both a YouTube video and a weekly podcast. I’m actually curious what has stopped me from turning the first 30 weeks of content into multimedia formats. It is probably some type of weird nostalgia for the written newsletters of the past.

Getting really focused and locking in to write for a prolonged period of time seems to be illusive. I’m able to focus on topics and complete work, but I’m struggling with really spending hours working on the same thing. That is something that is going to need to be remedied before longer form prose and projects are going to get done. Part of that is just being able to sit and type for a sustained burst of 30 minutes without shifting around and working on different things. Even right now Rocky the dog is trying to distract me with growls at a reflection in the glass of the door. It is way before sunrise right now and nobody is stirring in the house. Right now is the time for me to write and for Rocky the dog to hang out in my office.

Some blocks of time

Throughout the next two days I’ll be able to work on whatever boils to the forefront of my thoughts. That is a powerful way to go about deciding where to spend your time. Right now I have the time to sit down and write without interruption. Pandora (Music & Podcasts) is playing in the background and the day is just starting. Apparently, Pandora is working to note how much they love podcasts. During the course of giving up cable and not really paying to subscribe to any news services I learned to like podcasts. Initially a lot of my time and listening energy went to the Leoverse (TWIT, TWIG, All About Android).[1] At one point, I had even trained my old TiVo box to download the Leoverse and I watched it like a television show. I still have the ability to boot up my Google Podcasts application and listen to Nilay on the Vergecast or Josh on the oddly erratic Tomorrow podcast.[2] The longest running theme in my podcast listening experience is probably the combination of Nilay and Josh. Right now Pandora has been switched off and I’m listening to the latest episode of The Vergecast and typing along. 

That last paragraph was a little bit indulgent, but that is what today is about. My thoughts and efforts can go in any direction. Nothing was planned for today between breakfast and dinner. I elected to just let my whims of the moment take me along the path to doing things today. 


[1] The Leoverse is contained on 
[2] Nilay’s The Vergecast and Josh’s Tomorrow podcast