Podcast Review 2009

Over the grand passage of time podcasts appear and disappear without rhyme or reason. During exceptionally long drives it seems like a good idea to procure and deploy a series of audio based podcasts instead of investing in audio books. During the course of the last year the following podcast ratings have been developed based on a combination of specific experiences and personal preferences.

  1. NPR Science Friday
  2. The Dennis Miller Show
  3. ESPN Radio Best of Mike & Mike
  4. The Heritage Foundation Podcast
  5. C-SPAN Podcast of the week
  6. ESPN Radio Thundering Herd
  7. ESPN: PTI
  8. C-SPAN After Words
  9. C-SPAN The Communicators
  10. Gate World Podcast
  11. NASA Blueshift
  12. NOVA PBS Podcast
  13. The Official Mark Levin Show

Traveling Podcasts

Eighteen hours of traveling across eastern Colorado and western Kansas really provides the serenity necessary to derive perspective. After hearing about the latest bestselling Mark Levin book the car ride seemed like a great time to check out the Mark Levin podcast. Listening to a wide variety of perspectives helps provide prospective. First, outside any discussion of politics the podcast needs better audio volume mastering. Second, Mark Levin has managed to achieve a fifty percent compression of the three hour broadcast. Third, during the radio show Mark Levin provides comprehensive political punditry of select topics. Overall, the Mark Levin radio show provides entertainment to an otherwise boring drive. The show certainly deserves consideration. Regardless of your political opinions understanding talk radio requires listening to talk radio shows.

During the trip, ten other podcasts received attention.

  1. The Dennis Miller Show Podcast
  2. ESPN Radio: The best of Mike and Mike in the morning podcast
  3. NPR: Science Friday podcast
  4. The Heritage Foundation podcast
  5. C-SPAN Podcast of the Week
  6. ESPN: Pardon the Interruption Podcast
  7. ESPN: The Sports Reporters Podcast
  8. Science @ NASA Podcast
  9. GateWorld Podcast
  10. Select episodes from the /Filmcast


2009 Podcast Favorites

Not only does a good podcast need to be entertaining enough to keep the listener actively engaged, but also the podcast has to be informative. Over the last few years, podcasts have come and gone. Some podcasts are inherently better than other podcasts. Only the best make the top ten favorite podcast favorites list. This year only podcasts that are entertaining, informative, and updated regularly populate the list. Results for the 2009 podcast favorites list derive from personal preference. All personal preferences develop from exposure to various podcast.

  1. NPR: Science Friday
  2. The Heritage Foundation
  3. Science @ NASA
  4. C-SPAN – Podcast of the Week
  5. NASACast: Solar System
  6. The Dennis Miller Show DMZ
  7. NASACast: Universe
  8. NASACast: Shuttle & Station
  9. ESPN Radio: The Best of Mike and Mike
  10. C-SPAN – After Words

Honorable Mentions (Alphabetical)

  • BBC Global News
  • C-SPAN – The Communicators
  • ESPN: The Sports Reporters
  • Gate World Podcast
  • NASACast: Earth
  • NASACast: This week @NASA
  • Nova PBS Podcasts
  • Spitzer Space Telescope
  • The Economist