PS3 Netflix DVD

Why does the PS3 require a DVD from Netflix with software? Maybe in the future Netflix could allow the internet to provide the software. Getting the PS3 from the local Best Buy and getting everything setup seemed relatively easy. However, playing a Netflix movie on the PS3 proved to be very difficult. The PS3 can even setup the Netflix subscription using a special web browsing client built into the console. Unfortunately, the software engineers have devised an insanely problematic setup where Netflix requires a DVD with software to be constantly loaded into the PS3. Never mind that the PS3 had both a built in hard drive and active internet connection that could easily allowed the console to acquire and house the software and avoid the required DVD setup.

Thanksgiving Saturday

Today and today only the officially late Thanksgiving dinner (Saturday lunchtime style)

  • What are the uses for a PS3?
  • Why is Adobe PDF creator so expensive?
  • Will this weekend involve extreme productivity?
  • Will the chapter edits be completed this weekend?
  • Thanksgiving on Saturday
  • Considerations for a weblog redesign involve building longer experts within the front page
  • Who builds two sizes of cubicles within the same working environment? Why build 1/2 size cubicles?
  • What is the academic protocol?
  • When did Sun Chips start making a peppercorn ranch variety?
  • The loss of perspective destroys objectivity
  • Will the Blu-ray format fade away chasing the ghosts of laserdiscs?

Home Entertainment Systems

Maybe now would be a good time to purchase a Blu-ray player. The traditional glass tube Toshiba HDTV in the living room weights about two hundred pounds. Right now, the only audio in the house comes from the Toshiba HDTV. Without question, the Toshiba HDTV provides a reasonable degree of quality. A home theater system would provide better audio quality. Unfortunately, the configuration of the living room makes installing a surround sound home theater system extremely difficult.

One easy method exists for moving forward. The easiest solution would involve procuring a stand alone Blu-ray player. A Blu-ray player would be capable of connecting to the Toshiba HDTV by HDMI cable. Eventually, at a point of distinct choosing the acquisition of a separate home theater system could occur. However, Sony does sell a Blu-ray Disc Home Theater System. The Sony model BDV-IS1000 integrates a Blu-ray disc player with a 5.1 channel audio environment. Perhaps the best available course of action would involve simply waiting for a price reduction.