S2 TBBT Arrived

Amazon decided to deliver the second season of The Big Bang Theory (TBBT) on digital video disc (DVD) earlier this week. Surprisingly the episodes seem to be flying by throughout the morning hours. TBBT should probably be expanded to an hour long format instead of the exceedingly short thirty minute format. For some reason, watching entire marathon seasons of television shows usually leads to procrastination or at least some form of distracted typing.

Reviewing TBBT S1

Andy from Chicago deserves a hat tip for recommending a complete viewing of season 1 of The Big Ban Theory (TBBT) television show on DVD. After watching the complete first season of TBBT progressively throughout the season the writing seemed to concede some of the physics dialogue for predictable plot devices. Overall, the first episode probably represented the best writing of the season. Usually, a pilot episode defines how much of a learning curve the writers will have during the season. Under normal conditions television shows typically reframe from dialogue referencing mathematics or physics. Results from TBBT will probably not translate to an increase in dialogue complexity throughout other television shows.