The zoo lights were pretty decent in the rain

Things looked ok before it started to almost snow and then it rained for a few hours this evening. Denver is a place where weather can shift rapidly. The folks at the Denver Zoo work pretty hard to have a ton of lights on display this time of year. It was raining and cold tonight. That probably kept most of the crowds away. Things worked out well enough. I walked the entire loop at the zoo. My new Marmot Yorktown featherless jacket worked really well in the rain. I was surprised at how well the jacket stayed dry. We walked in the cold rain for well over an hour and the Marmot jacket just worked and kept me warm. We will see how well it holds up throughout a year of usage, but so far it has performed well enough.

Wandering Fog

After the conclusion of the recent weekend ice storm, a heavy and nearly impassable fog rolled over the city. Without question, fog has always been the enemy of donuts. However, rarely does fog compete with the purchase of tacos. Peppercorn the dog happens to dislike ice storms far greater than fog. Working in a cubicle with the possibility of overtime lurking in the background always raises questions about the situation. Late night driving with fog always seems somewhat unsettling. They say all reasonable employment is good employment. Typically, the fine art of resume building does involve employment. In general, the economic circumstances of the last two years have tempered the resume building adventures of a large number of Americans. During times of economic upheaval, the process of sustaining employment can become the overriding consideration within the resume building process.

Colorado Springs Ice Storms

Without the possibility of leaving the house, now would be the time for a few notes about a series of Saturday/Sunday activities that seemed completely and totally routine. An ice storm hit Colorado Springs during the early hours of the morning. The bank located in the grocery store did not open until about zero nine hundred hours. Before heading to the bank a quick trip to the local mega store provided the possibility of purchasing two high quality furnace filters. A steady rainfall quickly turned into ice as the water made contact with cold surfaces. Naturally, Saturday provides the perfect opportunity to head over to the local branch office of the United States Postal Service to check the PO BOX. After checking the PO BOX the next step in the early mourning traveling process involved depositing a check at the bank and getting a batch of dollar bills to purchase vending machine goodness throughout the week.

Homeownership involves a certain combination of activities… Sometimes people forget the furnace filters require cleaning or replacement every month. Those fire alarms on the ceiling require new batteries at least once a year… normally at least once a year a battery on the fire alarm network will fail by signaling a series of loud single beeps.

Today a very interesting question deserves some consideration. Specifically, “What established best practice methods exist for increasing the efficiency of a standard home hot water heater?” People have developed a variety of different tactics to raise the temperature of water. Apparently, the Bradford White Defender Safety System hot water heater has an energy saving feature… Maybe the solution to getting access to hot water would be to get a timer that controls when the hot water heater operates. Right now, the system provides hot water after the system has operated. During long periods of inactivity the hot water heater does not keep the water heated to an appropriate temperature. The resulting consequence of this problem involves cold showers during the early hours of the mornings. If at some point during the morning hot water has been utilized, then the first shower of the day will involve hot water. The first step in the process of overcoming the hot water problem will probably involve insulating the copper pipes in the basement.

Today will probably involve watching a few NFL games on the HDTV. The satellite television provider DirecTV will be providing access to four games today. In chronological order, the following NFL games will be on television today in Colorado Springs: Raiders/Giants, Cowboys/Chiefs, Patriots/Broncos, and the Colts/Titans.