Wireless Networking

The wireless home computer network seems to be working with the exception of the printer setup. Right now, neither the HP LaserJet nor the HP PSC functions within the home network using either of the wireless network print servers. Windows 7 64-bit seems to need updated drivers from Hewlett Packard. Unfortunately, the only option right now seems to be print sharing between multiple computers. At some point purchasing a better network printing adaptor will probably be required to complete the home network.

W7 Academic Download

The wireless printer server interacting with Windows 7 still fails to recognize the Hewlett Packard P1006 LaserJet printer due to a problem with the 64-bit W7 driver availability. At this point, maybe a few thoughts about the process of purchasing Windows 7 academic edition are warranted and should be written about extensively on a weblog or some other public commons. A recent search for the phrase, “digital river downloader freezes at 68%,” revealed a surprising number of results. Apparently, Digital River (NASDAQ: DRIV) operates as a publicly traded company that holds a contract to provide downloads for the Microsoft corporation. Given the number of probably people are having with the downloads Microsoft should provably evaluate the default option to download Windows 7 academic without receiving any operating system media from the postal service. In this case, the postal service probably would be able to hand deliver the operating system before the Digital River download completed.

In other somewhat related news, the Andy 3.0 network is now completely converted to Windows 7 soon the Andy cloud will be fully functional.

Sometimes a search for technology Maybe the Tuesday blues would be cured by a visit to Best Buy to marvel at the splendor of technology. After visiting several technology retail stores the availability of internal desktop computer SATA PCI cards seems limited. Maybe the motherboard manufacturers are providing enough SATA connections that the demand for SATA PCI cards has been diminished.

Windows 7 Academic

Apparently, the current download speed problems associated with Windows 7 academic version from Digital River have been reported throughout the internet. After the advent of broadband speed internet the idea of downloading a file for days seems somewhat arcane if not completely and totally unreasonable. For profit companies should be providing access to any download that occasionally converts from speed references in bytes to bits.

*** Expect Updates ***

Windows 7 Day 1

Peppercorn the dog will be dressing as a pumpkin for Halloween 2009. Naturally, a shark outfit was purchased online for Peppercorn the dog. Unfortunately, the yearly demand for shark costumes for dogs outpaces the supply. Next time people interested in shark costumes for dogs should consider making an offseason purchase to avoid the Halloween rush for outlandish costuming.

Today marks the first official day of Windows 7 usage on the Dell Studio 1535. Previously, on the ‘dealing with Windows’ show a graphics driver problem created a scenario where the addition of multiple computer monitors to the Dell Studio 1535 resulted in the dreaded Blue Screen of Death (BSOD). For a writer that uses the computer to enhance productivity the BSOD represents a devastating moment. Almost every day the BSOD occurred at some point. Theoretically, upgrading from the Windows Vista operating system to Windows 7 operating system will resolve this previously known Microsoft system problem. Nothing about an operating system is more frustrating than a known and unresolved error. If the problem can be identified, then Microsoft should take the time to resolve the problem.

Installing Windows 7

So, yeah; um, the conversion from the Windows Vista operating system on the Dell Studio 1535 laptop to the Windows 7 operating system did not go smoothly. Inherent within the conundrum was the failure of the Dell Corporation to provide the correct system restoration discs. The Dell Studio 1534 laptop computer supports either 64bit or 32bit operating systems. In this case the installation disk provided by Microsoft for Windows 7 requires 64bit drivers and preferably 64bit software. Dell provided a pile of discs for the system. Only one of the discs provided by Dell supported a 64bit operating system.

Twitter users have provided front line information about Windows 7 through the last week. Being guilty of sending a few tweets about the installfest throughout the day Twitter provides an option to latterly shout into the digital commons.

Andy from Chicago seems to find this situation ever so slightly (entirely/completely/resounding) humorous. Apparently, within certain circles the Dell computer building corporation lacks a certain degree of respect when it comes to providing the highest possible quality of parts. Not only does the system hardware seem to function properly, but also the new upgraded installation of Windows 7 seems to function properly. The system now lacks all of the Dell software that originally came with the computer. Questions remain about how this lack of Dell provided software will influence future system stability.

After dealing with some major driver problems associated with AMD ATI radeon graphics card, it seemed like a good idea to visit the local cinema. Joni thought it would be a good idea to watch “Where the wild things are” on the local IMAX movie screen. This diversion provide enough time away from the problem to muddle through a solution.

Future updates and opinions about Windows 7 will be forthcoming during the next few days or perhaps during the next few weeks…