Dashboard Formatting Problem

My installation of WordPress 2.8.6 went sideways with JavaScript errors requiring the automatic Update to 2.9 fixing the internal formatting. The errors seem to have developed overnight. During the last two yeas of working with WordPress only this one malfunction has occurred. With software this complex and unwieldy the best method for self-preservation involves remembering to commit to a regular backup schedule.

Weblogging Thursday

The WordPress weblog platform has released a new stable software upgrade version 2.8 entitled “Baker.” At some point, the current weblog software will require updates. Before initiating the upgrade process, a backup of the entire weblog will occur in terms of storing files and exporting content. People using the Twitter micro blogging service have reported several problems with the upgrade today. Given the time considerations and headaches involved with software upgrade a wait and see attitude might be reasonable.

“WordPress 2.8 is available! Please update now.”

Completing the process will require following certain steps…

Step 1: Backup the complete weblog
Step 2: Download the content export file
Step 3: Store the files on removable media
Step 4: Consider the negative consequences of upgrading
Step 5: Initiate the 2.8 update protocol
Step 6: Provide exhaustive notes about the process

Update: No exhaustive WordPress 2.8 upgrade notes are necessary. The upgrade protocol appears to function correctly without any obvious problems or errors.