Beyond the depths of that first overwritten passage

Opening with a witty barrage of prose might be a good way to get going. Beyond the depths of that first overwritten passage a nugget of truth might be hiding. Perhaps during the course of those moments when first filling the page something forms or builds out of nothing. Each moment follows on the legacy of the last. Echoes of promise and unfulfilled momentum shake a little bit of truth from what was left. Building out that start be it a fall start or a truly epic passage of pose the folly of overwriting always exists. The truth always turns out to be that potential outpaces performance. Every perfect possible future opens the door to something truly great. Unfortunately, each of those doors tend to have a certain commitment or consequence. Taking that first step toward a future that could be perfect might not unfold as a perfect journey.

Maybe this is the moment I break out my fountain pen and write some lyrics or some form of poetry. That might end up being more and more unlikely as the typing keeps going. Tonight I’m stuck between listening to music while writing for a bit or maybe having Netflix on in the background. Tomorrow I took the day off work. It will be a day devoted to working on something. That is the big question right now… what exactly tomorrow will hold is a secret that has been kept from all my momentary considerations. Tomorrow is a day right now full of possibility. Every door is open and every moment could be a moment that opens the floodgates of productivity. For me right now the potential of tomorrow probably outpaces anything that will actually happen. Somewhere in that thought is a seed of truth. Maybe it is a honest one with the potential for more.

Tomorrow I’m probably going to focus in on using my Google Cloud Platform (GCP) account to begin work on an automated newsletter based on a custom build natural language processing neural network. Sure that might seem like a lofty enough goal for a single day of fun, coding, and a few meals of Soylent. Maybe I’ll start watching the Alien quadrilogy and work on some coding in the cloud. Yeah —- that sounds like it will be desired direction for tomorrow. Things could devolve from that nobel path to an afternoon of Warren Zevon records, but we will have to wait for the moment to know it.

Perfect for the weight of words

These moments of peace between the chaos of life are perfect for the weight of words. Left idle for even a moment my mind turns toward a racing condition. Thoughts build up and before you know it. Stacks of ideas end up competing to be at the forefront my thoughts. That is where things end up for the most part. Converting those ideas into some type of outcome requires taking things to a conclusion. It requires finishing things. Most major writing tasks are not single serving endeavors. They cannot be completed in one major writing session. Maybe that could be the natural end of a series of creative sessions. A few different sessions could produce something of merit. They could result into something of value. Turning ideas into a final draft or at least some type of manageable prose takes time.

Tonight for example… I have one hour right now that could be spent on anything. That one hour really does exemplify the perfect weight of words. Every minute taunts the possible. Each minute counts down toward what could be and quickly separates it from what happened. That is the natural path of things when you sit down to write for an hour and end up reflecting on life, part of the universe, and some things. Those moments of reflection were stole from the perfect possible outcome of an hour of uninterrupted epic prose creation.

Hey July – Where did you come from…

Being a writer is about production levels. Somebody once said, “Writers write that is what they do…” You have to sit down and make the effort to be a writer. Keep in mind that sitting down and writing a few pages does not guarantee that meaningful prose will spring into existence. My writing pursuits are split between non-fiction academic articles and works of fiction. Over the last few weeks, I have been focused on writing a novel. Its summer and it seemed like the thing to do. I have been working on plan to knock out 1500 to 2000 words a day. I’m starting to think that my level of production will never return to normal. My new plan involves waking up at 4:00 AM drinking a cup of coffee and writing nonstop until 5:15 AM. I think the plan can succeed, but it will require a certain degree of commitment. I have noticed that it has been easier to write while working in my basement office. Maybe the Microsoft natural elite keyboard makes the difference.

Considering the Writing Process

Maybe today is the day to figure everything out. I am at the point in the process where considering the writing process reviewed would be prudent. Right now I am stuck at the airport with a reservoir of nervous energy about traveling combined with a free wireless internet and the time to write about whatever. Writing over the last year has been difficult. Sometimes hypergraphia does not produce usable results. A compelling need to write can sometimes result in writing sessions that produce nearly incoherent late night steam of consciousness prose generation. Rarely does a late night writing session ever present a case where it would be beneficial to translate a notebook of late night prose into a digital format.

Now would be the time to intellectually change directions. A few questions remain about selecting a new direction. So what (types of things) really matters for the next year? What needs to be done differently during the course of the next year? Transitioning from the random generation of stream of consciousness prose to the production of either technical writing or academic style journal articles represents a fundamental change in production. Throughout the course of an entire year the time exists to devote to a multitude of writing projects.

Typically, the best method of high quality (meaningful) writing involves following the various waves of emotion that drive the writing process. Sometimes the process of technical or academic writing can require drawing inspiration from other sources, but the principles of writing remain the same. If the subject does not hold the writers interest, then the possibility of captivating the reader remain extremely limited. Maybe returning to the days of a well defined writing schedule would help increase productivity.

Considering Writing Habits

Sometimes it is a good idea to begin the day with a few written thoughts. Recently on a personal level, the fine art of writing has taken on two distinct methodologies. First, one potential methodology for striving forward involves unleashing a focused productivity results from intentionally writing on a defined subject. Second, a stream of consciousness writer achieves productivity by simply engaging in the habit of writing. Achieving stream of consciousness writing involves simply picking up a pen and writing on paper or utilizing a keyboard to type. In either case, the writer simply engages in the habit of writing for an undefined amount of time. Both of the aforementioned writing methodologies are capable of managing extreme productivity.

For professional writers, working with a stream of consciousness methodology can be a guilty pleasure. Most professional writing involves a certain degree of focused productivity. Professionals typically pick a subject and strive toward fundamental understanding and explanation. Subject selection can be easy or in some cases increasingly complex. For the purposes of understanding a subject, professionals engage in research or exploration. At times, the very act of researching a subject fundamentally transforms the nature of writing about the topic. However, now would be a good time to acknowledge enough writing on the subject of professional writing exists.

A few previous notes on the subject have discussed the habit of writing. Beginning to nurture the habit of writing involves picking a time and place and actively writing every day. This suggestion might sound simplistic. However, sometimes the simple suggestions are the best suggestions. For some individuals, taking fifteen minutes a day to write can be the key starting point toward strengthening the habit of writing. Consider the possibility of purchasing a notebook or pad of paper and writing for about fifteen minutes without stopping every morning. Outside the confines of this exercise, a number of alternatives for writing exist. Typically, for this writer the first hour of the day involves the production of stream of consciousness prose. Later in the day, subject specific writing always dominates the writing schedule.